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How Much Gold is there in Goldschlager?

On Friday night, I was at a party where a number of people were drinking Goldschlager schnapps. If you haven’t seen this beverage before, it’s a Swiss liquor that smells and apparently tastes like cinnamon hearts. The gimmick is that there are actual gold flakes floating in the clear liquid. Between chants of “Goldschlager, Goldschlager”, I wondered aloud how much gold was actually in every bottle.

Coincidentally, I happened upon the answer to my question. The wacky, curious folks at Cockeyed recently completed a somewhat anticlimatic investigation. Their scale, unfortunately, wasn’t sensitive enough to evaluate the exact weight of the gold, but it was less than a tenth of a gram (less than US $1.38, for a retail price of about US $30). Don’t miss Cockeyed’s other great how much is inside projects (I particularly dig this one).

UPDATE: My sister, who was also at the party, writes to describe the effects of Goldschlager. I’m really sorry I left before this occurred. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty): “did Halley tell you that Harold ended up throwing that crap up ALL OVER HER APARTMENT!! It is easier to name the places he didn’t throw up. It was disgusting. He even threw up all over the clean dishes in the sink (where there was strainer that caught all Harold’s dinner), her yoga mat, it goes on and on poor Halley was saying to everyone the next day ‘do you want to know what Harold had for dinner last night? ‘chicken and yams.’

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