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Innovation from a Pizzeria

We don’t order pizza very often. We tend to be more go-out than order-in people, and if we do order in, it’s usually Chinese. Tonight, however, in celebration of Canada’s victory (I don’t know about those jerseys, though), we ordered pizza from the always-excellent Nat’s New York Pizzeria.

Maybe pizzerias have been doing this for years, and I’ve just never noticed, but check it out:

Nat’s (or is it Nat himself?) forgoes the little order paper and writes all the details directly on the pizza box! What a tremendous increase in efficiency they must realize! This approach must significantly reduce the number of screwed-up and otherwise undelivered pizzas. I’m suitably impressed.

Maybe somebody who orders pizza from many pizza vendors, or used to deliver pizza, can comment on how widespread a practice this is.

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  1. Rebecca

    I was in the market in Saint John a few years back, and there was a deli that had something similar. You took a brown paper bag with a form on the side from a stack, filled in the kind of bread you wanted, sandwich fillings, fixings, and condiments, wrote down your name and phone number (and office name, if I recall correctly), and gave it back to them. They’d make the sandwich and give it to you in the bag you had “filled” in.

    You could also take one home or back to work, fill in the form, and fax it to them so you could pick it up at your lunch hour.

  2. Mimi

    During the years I worked for Grecco Pizza 1987-1989 in Fredericton (NB), we never did this. Nope. No paper was spared to complete your order!

    And, up until last year, when my husband started making custom, personalized pizzas himself, we’d order from those 2-1 dealies. They ALWAYS used the order slips. Not that that helped ’em get our order right.

  3. `jen

    i’m ashamed to say nat’s is a fairly recent discovery for me. but they are the best!

    wait… did you just put your phone number and buzzer number on the world wide web?? ;)

  4. Darren

    Jen: That’s okay–I’ve never craved anonimity on the Web (quite the opposite, some might argue). If you ever wanted to stalk me or anything, my address has been on the site since 2001.

  5. Julie

    Um… I crave anonimity. From now on you’re answering all of the telemarketing calls in the evenings!

  6. T. Bradley Dean

    At Papa Johns (Sothern California) they spit out a receipt from a, well, receipt printer. The receipt has a sticky back and is just the right size to put on the front of the pizza box. Works pretty well and the end result is much like the box you have there, just all typed up.

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