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Ion Drink

Today I was out at UBC playing in the big end-of-summer Ultimate tournament. Vivatoro, a beverage company, was there doing some field marketing, offering free samples of their new sports drink. It’s not on their site yet, but it’s called Ion Drink and looks like still bottled water. Here’s a transcript of my conversation with the field marketer:

HER: Well, how does it taste?
ME: Like a trip to the dentist’s office. If you had to lick the chair, too.

I didn’t actually say that, but I certainly mumbled it to myself as I walked away. Technically speaking, all the label promises is “a healthy beverage that smoothly supplies the lost water and electrolytes during perspiration”. It says nothing about taste. Trust me on this–do what I do to replace lost water–drink more water.

12 Responses to “Ion Drink”

  1. filmgoerjuan

    I was just in the States today and had the opportunity to try the much advertised (yet strangely hard/impossible to find in Canada) C2 — Coke’s 1/2 sugar, 1/2 low calorie sweetener drink.

    I suppose it was rather hopeful of me to think that it had any chance of tasting like regular Coca Cola Classic. :(

    [On the plus side, it didn’t taste like a dentist’s chair. Although, to be fair, I haven’t tasted *your* dentist’s chair…so there’s still a remote possibility that it actually *does* taste like that]

  2. Chanelle

    How did FF7 do? Did the team continue the tradition of being bagelled?

    — A Fan

  3. Darren

    Chanelle…I only made it to the first game, but apparently they went 1-3. So, not quite bagelled, but close.

  4. Mel

    What? A non-CocaCola-owned beverage company doing marketing on UBC campus? Impossible.

  5. Bruce

    We had the Penta Water stuff for the Alzheimer’s 24 hour tournament that same weekend. “Specially engineered water molecules which have smaller clusters for improved hydration!”

    “Proof that Penta is restructured water: Penta has been shown through highly technical scientific testing (spectroscopy) to have 30 percent smaller molecular water clusters. It has also been observed that Penta has a higher boiling point than normal water. Penta’s unique structure is patented and has been verified in a published, peer-reviewed study conducted by scientists at Moscow’s General Physics Institute.”

    Sheesh …

  6. Imo

    ooo I some of that Penta at the vul bbq-think it worked! wasn’t so hung over the next day! ;)

  7. Lynsey

    Just so you all know….the hydrogen bonds in water are what cause it to have such a high boiling point. now if these people made smaller water clusters it would stand to reason there were less hydrogen bonds and therefore less kinetic energy required to break them and make gaseous water. Therefore the boiling point should be lower.

    Moscow scientists I think not. Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me.

    Plus did someone tell them penta means five? What’s up with that.

  8. Imogene Huxham

    how do you know it doesn’t have a lower boiling point?? have you boiled it and tested the temp???

  9. Chanelle

    I think we should have a boil off. Moscow versus Dr. Lyns. My money is on the future doctorate.

  10. Imo

    Mine’s on Moscow! :P Next time Chanthew is in Van -we will have a boil off.

  11. Lynsey

    hey Imo…read Bruces post….apparently they claim it has a higher boiling point. That’s my point. Thanks for the support Chanelle…if that is your real name.

  12. l. jacobsen

    I was at UBC too and had a chance to get a bottle of that Ion Drink. It was a refreshing treat and made me feel more energetic afterwards.
    Beats the heat!

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