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Mozilla Easter Egg

That’s fun. If you use Netscape or Mozilla, type about:mozilla in the address bar and press Enter. Maybe everybody on the planet knew about this but me, but it’s still amusing.

5 Responses to “Mozilla Easter Egg”

  1. Chris

    Hrm, my last post got eaten or something.

    Yeah, this egg has been around for a while, maybe 10 years or so. It was in all the old versions of Netscape (thought it was a different quote, I think), and it’s in Firefox as well.

    I recommend for all your Easter Egg needs.

  2. Ray

    Sweet Christian Lord, I think I just had a religious experience.

  3. timsamoff

    I think the easter egg in Firefox is even funnier — especially considering why it says what it says. :)

  4. LishyGuy

    Lol, all four chapter:verses are important dates in the history of Netscape and Mzilla

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