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Phevos and Athena

I’ve never tried to design a mascot, but it must be difficult. Otherwise, why would people get it so horribly wrong on a regular basis. The 2004 Athens games are no exception, with two pear-shaped blobs, apparently siblings named for a pair of Greek deities. Either they’re walrus/human hybrids or the unfortunate result of thalidomide during their mother’s pregnancy.

As you may have read, they’re taking their fair share of abuse in the media.

6 Responses to “Phevos and Athena”

  1. 'nee

    My mom used to make me wear dresses like that. It’s a dark day for dough-shaped three-fingered kneeless mascots everywhere.

  2. Chris

    Spotted your deliberate mistake Darren. Its ‘Phevos’ with an ‘e’.

  3. Darren

    Thanks for that, but why’s that deliberate? Did I make some clever Greek pun without knowing it?

  4. jo

    I’d say you did a good job on the moose logo Darren!

  5. Darren

    Thanks, though I don’t have a fifth of the talent to do that. It was done by Randal at Bomeca Media Group ( My contribution was as follows: “make us an angry moose in green”.

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