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The Courier’s Perspective

Via Josh Rubin’s Cool Hunting, we find this 8-minute video (50.2 MB, MPG) from the helmet-mounted camera of Lucas Brunelle, who’s participating in some ad-hoc race through the streets of Manhattan. It ain’t Doom 3, but it provides a terrifying street-level perspective on the life of the bicycle courier.

2 Responses to “The Courier’s Perspective”

  1. John

    Interesting … but Claude Lelouche’s “Rendezvous” is still the gold standard.

  2. Blogged et Animam Levavi

    Bicycle Race

    If you think that car racers are crazy, check out this terrifying video shot with the helmet-mounted camera by Lucas Brunelle while he was zipping through the streets of Manhattan. [via Darren]…

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