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Mack and his friends have started

Thank you for visiting our website! is a website devoted to the intersection of blogs and Internet radio. We strive to live up to our tagline as the voice of the blogosphere. is run by university students in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

I’ve got a personal interest in plugging them, as the first episode of Blogging With is an interview with me on our upcoming blogging conference, Northern Voice. If you want a get-drunk-quick drinking game, take a shot every time I say “um”.

2 Responses to “BlogosphereRadio”

  1. becky

    After the first 2 minutes, I was totally drunk.


    Hooray for publicity, I still owe you a submission.

  2. Andrew Inge

    Hey thanks for coming on the show Darren, it was great! Definitely hoping to be up at Northern Voice!

    -Andrew Inge

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