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Boring Site Note: I’m Moving to Dedicated Hosting

Given my increasing bandwidth usage, I’m moving to dedicated hosting with In2Net. For the site and DNS synchronization magic to happen, I’m going to refrain from posting for the next day or two. Entertain yourself with side bar links and other nonsense in the meantime.

6 Responses to “Boring Site Note: I’m Moving to Dedicated Hosting”

  1. donna

    Curious… how much bandwidth do you generally use per month? and how much web space?

    As someone who works in the web hosting industry… I’m nosy. :) As someone who runs a surprisingly busy little site, I’m also nosy. (I was surprised to find that I actually do a lot more traffic than I thought I did. go figure.)

  2. Darren

    It varies tremendously, but if I get Slashdotted, things go through the roof and get very costly. This month, sans any unusual spikes, I’m looking at about 30 GB. I could probably optimize my page and reduce that significantly, but who’s got time for that?

    I’ve got 1 GB of disk space, and am currently using about 375 MB.

    I’ll be adding some other sites to my dedicated hosting setup, but will take the lion’s share of the traffic and space.

  3. Rob

    Darren – I know you have been fairly happen with In2Net as well, but I am also impressed with Canada Web Hosting. I honestly don’t use them, but the guy who built their network did work for us, and it is outstanding, plus I spoke to the CWH CEO and was impressed with their operation.

    Also, as noted, their servers are downtown at Peer1, which has (I think) better bandwidth than In2Net.

  4. donna

    yagh, canada web hosting would cost me an extra $15/m to get what I get at my current provider — of course, this is mostly because I have a bunch of domains and end up looking at reseller hosting with most places. dumb reseller hosting.

    of course, with my company, to get the same as I have now, I’d be paying closer to $25 extra. and yet, our cheaper plans are much better value than cwh. go figure. I guess it all breaks down to what you’re looking for.

    btw, darren, might be too late, but… has unlimited bandwidth for non-pr0n sites. :) (no, that isn’t the company I work for, that’s the one I host with. I’ll keep my employer to myself.)

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