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Buying My First Handbag

I’ve lived 30 years on Earth without purchasing a purse. Having bought my first one in Dublin last Friday, I emailed my Irish friend to get her opinion:

I bought a handbag for Julie at the Kilkenny Design Centre/Company/House place on Nassau St. This brings the total number of handbags I’ve ever purchased to a total of one. In the event that it’s totally awful, I can return or exchange it tomorrow.

Ger, is this lovely or fugly? I’ve attached a couple of photos (note the 12″ Powerbook for size). Please be frank–I have zero self esteem invested in my purse-purchasing powers.

Karl, I’d appreciate your comments as well, but I suspect that your handbag-purchasing experience rivals mine. I’ve CC’d you because I figure you’re likelier to check your email in the next 24 hours.

No worries if you don’t get this in a timely fashion. If she hates it, she’ll use it a couple of times, bury it for a few months and then re-gift it without my knowing. And so spins the circle of life.

I liked this bag in part because it was (according to the associated marketing material) inspired by Money’s The Rocks at Belle Ile. These are some serious purse designers. Regardless, she said she liked it, so I’m one-for-one in the handbag buying.

As they’re handy, I’ve posted the photos of the aforementioned bag after the jump.

5 Responses to “Buying My First Handbag”

  1. 'nee

    You know, I like the purse, but I just don’t see the resemblence between it and The Rocks at Belle Ile. At all. Unless Monet’s into plaid. Still, it’s a nice purse. Good girl-shopping instincts, Darren :)

  2. bree

    I thought it was a man-bag too, until I saw the pic. I think it’s ok, but not really my taste. Not knowing Julie, I’m not sure how she’d react.

  3. Mimi

    Follow’s my Mom’s golden rule of purse buying – big enough to put a business envelope in it without having to fold the envelope.

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