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Extra Safe or Ribbed?

Jen’s recent meditation on buying prophylactics reminded me of a photo I took in the men’s bathrooms on the third floor of the newly revamped UGC Cinemas in Dublin. It amused me because the options were ‘Ribbed’ and ‘Extra Safe’. Who wouldn’t choose ‘Extra Safe’? And what does that imply about ‘Ribbed’? It’s fun, but totally useless at preventing disease and pregnancy? Plus, only the ‘Extra Safe’ model offers the ‘Easy On’ feature.

Also, 4 euros for 2 condoms seemed very pricey–that’s CAN $3.15 a condom. You’d want to make sure the other person was worthy, eh? It’s a bit blurry, because I didn’t want to use the flash. There was a guy in one of the stalls that, you know, might have been freaked out.

2 Responses to “Extra Safe or Ribbed?”

  1. triviaqueen

    My guess is the “extra safe” includes spermicide.

    As to the cost, anything you buy from a bathroom vending machine is always expensive — like the packets of 2 Tylenol for $1. Considering a bottle of 50 is $5 that’s gotta be a helluva headache.

  2. gail

    My guess is that “extra safe” is for the homosexual crowd, versus the “prevent pregnancy” crowd. Regardless of the fact that both camps belong, in principle, to the “anti-STD” crowd, each has their own set of considerations and preferences.

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