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How To Pick Up Girls in the ’70s

The Accordion Guy has posted several MP3 recordings of the (apparently) classic 1970’s self-help cassette by Eric Weber titled Picking Up Girls Made Easy. I’m just listening to “the boldest of pick-ups”, The Women’s Clothing Store Pick Up:

Frank himself had put on some really sharp sport clothes, because you can’t operate in a clothing store looking like a bum, since the girls in stores are always very clothes-conscious.

In my experience, it’s difficult to pick up girls anywhere while looking like a bum. There’s a fantastic payoff line in the clothing store recording, where Frank’s quarry exclaims, apparently without irony, “wow, you’re some operator!” More 70’s sexism and stilted dialogue ahead.

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  1. Greg

    Wow, great find. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long while. I think that I’m going to try out some of these thoughts tonight, nothing inspired by the 70’s can fail.

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