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I Found Some of Your Life

Via Metafilter and just about everybody else, this is really strong work. Check out this blog’s first entry for an explanation:

In my possession is one (1) memory card from a digital camera. This memory card was found in a taxi in New York City. I have no idea who the owner of the camera is. The pictures on the memory card were taken over the course of exactly one (1) year in this person’s life, starting July Twenty-Fifth, Two Thousand and Three (07-25-03) and ending July Twenty-Fourth, Two Thousand and Four (07-24-04).

I am going to post one (1) picture here each day. As there are two hundred and twenty-seven (227) pictures, there will be two hundred and twenty-seven (227) posts. The pictures will appear in chronological order according to the timestamp accompanying each image.

The author is crafting this narrative based on these often-mundane photos. I can’t not follow this weblog, as I feel certain the truth of whose photos these are will emerge.

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    I found some of your life

    I Found Some of Your Life is an intriguing blog started after the author found a camera memory card in…

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