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Link Roundup: Friday Diversions

All of these items entertained me in some small way:

  • Craziest
    is an 8-minute Flash-based short story about the prescient powers of Scrabble.
    Though the voice-over work could be stronger, the visuals are strangely beautiful.
  • Florida has deservedly suffered
    God’s wrath
  • Yet another new application for PowerPoint (thanks, Tom). UPDATE: Wow, that link has been goatse’d. Is that a verb? Regardless, I removed it.
  • A deeply-obsessive examination of the differences in the various editions
    of the three Star Wars movies: Star
    , Empire
    and Jedi
    (thanks, filmgoerjuan).
  • Man makes enormous
    and uses spreadsheet to calculate calories. Contains the disturbing
    British product ‘brown sauce’. Hey, soccer fans, what team does
    he support
  • Photos of eight
    of those damn whale sculptures
    around the city, including the
    Elvis whale
    and my favourite, the
    Book whale
    . Actually, my favourite is this cool tiled whale in Victoria,
    but I don’t have any photos, so I’m going with the library’s for now.
  • A new landmark in gaming is reached: In Sims 2, you can have your
    Sim play
    Sims 1
    (thanks, BoingBoing).
  • A chubby naked guy painted with head-to-toe (and all the bits in-between)
    . Technically unsafe for work, but practically inoffensive.
  • The serendipity of the
    Google image search
  • A really cool online clock
    and time zone thingy
    . Unfortunately, if you compare it with this
    popular site
    , it appears to be wrong. It’s reporting that there’s currently
    only seven hours difference between Vancouver and London.
  • From James C. Liu, the Geekification
    of the Wife
    : "She’s only beginning to grock all this and optimize
    the use of my interfaces."
  • Why, it’s a
    reverse case-mod

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5 Responses to “Link Roundup: Friday Diversions”

  1. Arjun Singh

    Hey Darren, the powerpoint link looked interesting and then WHAMMO! I am in a public internet cafe at the moment, to boot. Can you put NSFW by that link?

  2. Darren

    Arjun: Sorry about that, it didn’t point to ye olde goatse photo this morning. I’ve removed the link.

  3. Stuart

    that aint no UK football team, just looks like a generic football kit.

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