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Listen for Me on the CBC

Being in PR and marketing, I’m generally pretty blase about talking to the media. The CBC, however, is an exception. They’re the frickin’ mothership, after all, and a Canadian institution. Today, I’m going to be on CBC 1 in Vancouver (live feed) around 4:45pm, talking about the recent sale of Jeremy C Wright’s weblog. This also means that I can knock another item off my list of 100 things to do before I die. That links to the first 20…I’ve got a paper list of the other 80 around here somewhere.

UPDATE: Here’s a recording of the inteview (MP3, 5 MB, 7:30). The good news is that Jeremy took it well.

4 Responses to “Listen for Me on the CBC”

  1. Jeremy C. Wright

    I got this into my aggregator as your bit started. Nice of them to invite me lol. Well done Darren, I didn’t feel terribly embarassed ;-)

  2. Darren

    Yeah, I asked if they wanted to talk to you, but apparently they wanted a local angle.

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