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Practical Clothing

Josh Rubin always writes insightfully about sneakers or interior design or art or sundry other things that I have only the vaguest of grips on. Today he discusses the Tumi Yellow Jacket, the first apparel item from this luggage company. It looks pretty sweet, actually, and ideal for Vancouver’s wintry, wet conditions.

Last fall I made a similar, excellent purchase at MEC. My Pamir jacket is just the right thing for exercising in the off-season. It’s microfibre outer layer and thin layer of interior fleece keeps me warm and dry. It’s also ideal for traveling to warmish countries in the winter, where temperatures can drop in the evening. In fact, here I am wearing it in darkest Africa. After comparing the two photos, I don’t think the Pamir is exactly the jacket I’ve got, but it’s close enough.

Lately I’ve been coveting a 5.11 Tactical shirt (flashiest Flash site in Flashtown ahead). Someone reminded me of them during the whole UPS shirt business, and I remembered how I’d first read about them on Kevin Kelly’s excellent site, Cool Tools. I’ve never seen one in real life, but their practical design sounds ideal for hiking and activites which otherwise require a utility belt. The whole police gear angle is of no interest to me, but that won’t stop me from getting one.