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Riding Luas

That headline sounds like an erotic film from Mexico, but it actually refers to something far more mundane: Dublin’s new light rapid transit system (their site is a bit shite, though, isn’t it?). It’s called Luas, which is Irish for ‘speed’. Currently there’s only one line open–from Sandyford into the centre of the city, but next month a second one will open on the north side. I took it for a brief ride last night, and was impressed with the smoothness and quietness. Compared to the existing train system, the DART, it’s very Jetsons.

One odd thing about both the Luas and the DART is the fabric they choose for the seats. It’s a kind of plushy, cottony type of thing, where it seems to me that vinyl would be much more appropriate. I mean, this fabric’s just going to soak up all the urine and vomit. If I get a chance, I’ll take a photo of the seats, because the pattern on the fabric is extraordinarily awful. The UI for the ticket purchase terminals could use some work as well.