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The Sunniest City in Canada

Former Pawn was writing about Terry Gilliam kvetching about the bleakness of Saskatchewan. Gilliam is shooting his new film there, and given his oeuvre, you’d think that dank and depressing would be just his thing. Regardless, Ms. Pawn defended Saskatchewan as “the sunniest spot in Canada”. I had always thought that Calgary claimed that title. Google, aidez-moi.

I started with a search on sunniest city in Canada. Interestingly, the municipal websites for Lethbridge and Saskatoon were returned as the first two results. More searching led me to a definitive source: Environment Canada. They have a fun section called Weather Winners, which describes the weather superlatives for Canadian cities for a bunch of categories. Here are a few highlights:

Hottest summer – Kamloops BC, 26.90 C
Coldest winter – Yellowknife NT, -28.90 C
Most freezing days – Thompson MB, 240 days (!)
Fewest freezing days – Vancouver BC, 46 days (God bless the wet coast)
Sunniest year-round – Medicine Hat AB, 2512.90 hours
Least sunshine year-round – Prince Rupert BC, 1229.10 hours
Most sunny days year-round – Calgary AB, 333 days
Fewest sunny days year-round – Prince Rupert BC, 250 days

I don’t know where Saskatoon and Regina rank among sunniest cities, but the title apparently goes to Calgary or Medicine Hat.

20 Responses to “The Sunniest City in Canada”

  1. Jeff

    This year Saskatoon has had exactly 32.5 minutes of sunshine, and 9.5 months of rain.

  2. The travels of Justin & Tina

    The Hottest Summer in Canada Award goes to Kamloops

    I still don’t know what a Kamloops winter will be like, but thanks to Darren Barefoot, I’ve discovered that my new hometown boasts the hottest summers in all of Canada.

  3. Simon Fodden

    In your quote you have Ms Pawn defending Saskatchewan — not Saskatoon. Maybe Sask would rank higher in the sunny province sweepstakes?

    Don’t know where Gilliam is shooting, but Saskatoon was definitely crapo this summer.



  4. fred

    where is the sunniest spot in canada that starts with an e!!!!!!!

  5. joe

    well what this dosnt show is how long these cities stay hot… (windsor ont, regina sask, winnipeg mb)

  6. joe

    and portage la prarie ranks 1st for most sunny days in warm months

  7. joe

    as well Carman mb took the record for hottest humidity temperature in canada with 50.3 C

  8. joe

    Carman mb took the record for hottest humidity temperature in canada with 50.3 C

  9. Kate

    I claim Vancouver has the all-around WORST weather in Canada. I grew up in a warm climate country and since I moved here, I have only tolerated this dreary weather. I would never live here by choice and I always wonder why so many people move here and buy ridiculously overpriced condos here, only to enjoy maybe 80 sunny days out of the year. Can tell I have seasonal affective disorder!

    len Reply:

    I lived in Vancouver for a few months by choice and moved because of the cold damp and depressing weather. 40 below does not chill to the bone like that ugly damp.

  10. jenny

    I agree with kate: I grew up in Vancouver and have lived here for over 25 years, and gosh I don’t know how I managed…the weather sucks here, long depressing winters, short quick summers.
    Over priced condos, houses to live in a cold not so many sunny days

    Time for me to move out of here. I took this neat quiz “”
    I’m looking for a new relocation spot!

  11. TAMARA

    I don’t care what the stats say, Calgary IS NOT the sunniest city, that is a farce! Maybe 20 years ago but the weather patterns have changed and we have so many cloudy days, and cold that it is horrible. Don’t let the stats fool you!

    Anonymous Reply:

    Calgary might be cold, that’s absolutely true, but the thing is, Calgary can be bright and Sunny even when it’s 40 below. The brightest sunniest days of the year are the days where there’s not a cloud in the sky, the ground is covered in snow, and the sun is reflecting off of it all, blinding you when you walk out your door. It’s not a WARM city at all, but it’s certainly sunny. I’m not surprised by Calgary’s ranking.

    SAD in Calgary Reply:

    This has been my “worst” year ever in Calgary! I can not remember the last time we had a sunny day. I find it very depressing when it “snows” in the Summer, are summers are far to short to be able to tolerate this extreme summer weather. I have lived in Calgary on and off for almost 20 years and have never, ever been able to tolerate the extremes here. Kelowna is the place to live, was there for 8 years and never wanted to move back to Calgary. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to move back here, have regretted it ever since : (

  12. Jim

    Trying to find the “best” weather in Canada is like trying to find out which state in Australia has the fewest poisonous creatures. It all sucks, face it. Which is why they get out for 3-6 months per year when they can, and go to Mexico or Costa Rica.

    Sean Reply:

    Victoria bc has the best weather all across canada. Lots of sunshine, about 2200 hours annually, almost as much as Saskatoon. Warm mild winters, avg about 10 degrees for daytime high. Warm mild summers, aout 23 for avg daytime high. Victoria BC the only Canadian city with good weather!! Hell its even on the ocean plus its on Vancouver Island away from the vancouver gongshow.!!!

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