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What Hit the Pentagon on September 11?

Via John Dvorak, here’s a provocative video from The Memory Hole (apparently this isn’t from The Memory Hole, despite the suggestive URL). It raises a number of questions about whether a 757 actually did crash into the Pentagon on September 11: Where is the wreakage from the plane? Why has so little videotape been released? What about eyewitnesses who report something much smaller striking the building? It could be a hoax or easily debunked, but it was the most compelling 6 minutes of my afternoon.

UPDATE: Thanks to oncee for the Snopes link, which largely debunks this movie.

5 Responses to “What Hit the Pentagon on September 11?”

  1. MJ

    Couldn’t this pretty easy to solve by matching up dead passenger names with their 757 flight which never landed at any airport?

    If he could get together a rock video like that about the fake Apollo missions, Fox would pay him a mint. Interesting media method of his protest.

  2. Darren

    I don’t think they’re alleging that those people didn’t die. I imagine the suggestion is that they died somewhere else.

  3. Chris

    Darren – your snopes link in the entry is wrong, it has an extraneous ‘c’.

    *goes back to being a nitpicker and compiles quake 3*

  4. Jeff

    I find a one of the arguments particularly compelling:

    The security camera footage shows missile-type exhaust skimming only meters above the ground and then slamming into the Pentagon. Planes that big cannot do this, and the skill of the pilot/hijacker, to sucessfully maneuver a large passenger jet at high speed and low altitude is questionable at best.

    It’s also curious how, in 1999, a tiny learjet, flying over the mid-west was rapidly intercepted by fighter jets for failing to follow course. (This was when golf-pro Payne Stewart died) Yet for some reason, airspace over DC was nowhere near as well patrolled by the airforce.

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