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Congratulations, Mozilla Foundation

Earlier in the week, I chastised you if you still use Internet Explorer. I also wrote about the Mozilla Foundation’s campaign to raise money to run an ad in the New York Times. Their target was 2,500 names. Instead, they recent donations from over 10,000 people from 80 countries, raising over US $250,000. There’s an interview in Red Herring with the Mozilla marketing dude, and a discussion on Slashdot. From the interview:

The ad will cost just under $50,000, and the left-over cash will be plowed back into the Mozilla Foundation. is the Mozilla Foundation’s community marketing effort–a volunteer-run web site sporting the fiery motto “Igniting the web.” The rabble-rousing call to arms appears to be working, as close to 7 million people have downloaded the Firefox browser and are anxiously awaiting the scheduled November 9 release of Firefox 1.0.

The Slashdot thread includes some debate about how much money should be spent on further development. If the Mozilla folks know what they’re doing, the answer to that question is zero. Every cent of that money should be spent on effective marketing to convince people to switch to Firefox. They’ve already demonstrated that they have a superior product–now they need to tell people about it.

3 Responses to “Congratulations, Mozilla Foundation”

  1. Arjun Singh

    Having suffered through glitches with Firefox, I am reminded that no web browser is without problems.

    Put up your hand if you backed up your favorites / bookmarks in the past 6 months. I hadn’t and when Firefox lost my bookmarks and would not accept any new ones for a while, it hurt.

    I STILL prefer Firefox to IE, though. Security is the main reason I switched but I am also drawn to tabbed browsing – I just think it’s less cluttered and more elegant.

    Two other things:

    First, I don’t want to be completely reliant on Microsoft (I am absolutely artistically challenged, but blindfold me and tie one hand behind my back, and I could still do a dead on drawing of the Windows logo)

    Second, I am a real sucker for the power of the people. Yes, Firefox is a great piece of software, but its the community behind it – thats what really makes it interesting and worth supporting.

  2. Matt

    Actually, while I love FireFox, it kept crashing on me. I would click on something in a window, a littlee time meter came up,a nd then it would be replaced with a window asking me to send in a report. This is on the Mac with OSX’s latest itteration. I wish that didn’t happen. But, I’m back to Safari, which isn’t too bad, either.

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