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eGay is Fabulous

Here’s a great idea. eGay is an auction site targeting the gay and lesbian market. They’re donating 5% of profits to the Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK’s leading HIV & AIDS charity:

Auction items will be free to list for the first two months, with a charge thereafter, which the site claims will be up to 30% less than ebay. Products categories are similar that offer in other aution sites. A cursory glance at the site this morning revealed auctions for a signed Graham Norton autobiography and a Dolly Parton DVD.

Is it significant that I’m listening to Freddie Mercury sing “Somebody to Love” while writing this entry? Is there a market for other vertical-oriented auction sites? eHay for the equine set? eFray for used clothing shoppers? eSpay for pet services? I’ll stop now.

4 Responses to “eGay is Fabulous”

  1. donna

    It can work, but works better for sites that are selling things that ebay won’t allow (you know, like human body parts and such. hee.)

    Specifically, the example I’m thinking of is AquaBid — since ebay doesn’t allow you to sell live animals and people frequently sell fish all over the world… it’s a useful site. :)

    I bought some beautiful bettas off that site once, from this woman:

    Even if you’re not into fish, hers are *lovely*. :)

    As for eGay? Probably not. I’m sure you can buy just as many, if not more barbara streisand cd’s on ebay.

  2. Rog

    Odd coincidence, I’m listening to “Somebody to Love” just as I’m reading this. But mind you, I’m a huge Queen and Mercury fan, so the odds aren’t that far off I guess.

  3. bender

    Looks like it’s spreading over seas….. is the Irish version although only 3 items up!! Time will tell I suppose, got to start somewhere.

    ps Queen rocks!!

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