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Jon Stewart on C-SPAN

Just yesterday I said that “I’m generally steering clear of the US elections” and hear I am talking about them again. Only adjunctly, though to cite this wonderful hour-long interview with Jon Stewart on C-SPAN. Not only is it tremendously funny, but it’s also very insightful. It’s a talk show format in front of an audience of New York media, and he takes every opportuntity he can to take them to task on their lousy, partisan reporting. It was engaging enough for me to listen to the whole thing, and I’m pretty ambivalent about things south of the 49th parallel.

2 Responses to “Jon Stewart on C-SPAN”

  1. 'nee

    It’s Jon. JON! If I see “John” one more time, I swear I’ll explode into tiny, anal-retentive bits. I SWEAR!

    Ok, sorry, but seriously, it’s right there in the headline :)

  2. 'nee

    … you can delete the comment now. Now that you’ve fixed it it just looks like I’m an unubservant jackass, rather than a perky yet sarcastic editor.

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