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Keep the Tech Support Away

A couple more posts and I promise I’ll shut up about Gnomedex. During the conference, Jason Calacanis announced

welcome citizen engineers. hack a day (beta) is a web magazine devoted to cataloging all the best hacks, mods and diy (do it yourself) projects from around web. each day i’ll post one hack i like, seen or tried and once a week a special how-to. this is in beta, so enjoy the occasional oddity and sawdust while it gets cookin.

Good idea, and I’ve added it to ye olde link sidebar. Now, what I want to see is a quality Life Hacks site. Not just for geeks (as Danny O’Brien is admirably doing), but for everybody. I don’t know, things like “the best way to get rid of a bee’s nest” or “how to not get cheated by a mechanic”.

Incidentally, hack a day dudes, I may be some kind of capitalization snob, but I’m dismayed that all your sentences start with lower-case letters. That is to say, it does nothing to encourage my confidence in your technical aptitude. It does encourage my confidence in your SMS texting abilities, though.