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Malls and Wild Animals Shouldn’t Mix

Dear West Edmonton Mall,
I was disappointed to learn that you’ve decided to continue to house wild animals (PDF) in your mall. In light of the three adult dolphins and five calves which have died in your care in the last fifteen years, I’d hope that you would give up on keeping animals in captivity.

The three sea lions you’ve recently chosen to add to your mall’s ‘exhibits’ will be exposed to constant noise, distraction and light. While it’s basically inhumane to keep wild creatures in captivity, its doubly so to do it in that most artifical location–a shopping mall.

Until you remove these sea lions and commit to an animal-free mall, I won’t be visiting your establishment.

Darren Barefoot

5 Responses to “Malls and Wild Animals Shouldn’t Mix”

  1. Krishen

    I take it the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the dolphins were unusual?

    Also, I want to make a comment regarding the language of the West Edmonton Mall press release, which says:

    “The three Sea Lions… …travelled from their previous home in Blair Drummond”.

    How misleading. Makes it sound like they voluntarily hopped on a boat or something.

  2. imo

    have you ever even been to west ed mall??? don’t think they will be tooo upset about the lost revenue from your non-patronage. ;)

  3. Darren

    Imo: The standard customer service line is that when a consumer has a bad experience, they tell an average of 13 other people. That has a cumulative negative effect. Happily, more than 13 people visit this site on a daily basis (which is not to mention a bit of search engine clout).

    Regardless, that’s how you render change. I emailed the West Edmonton Mall. Maybe 50 other people email them as well. Maybe that affects future decisions on captive wildlife. Trust me, businesses hate to hear that they’re losing patronage, no matter how small. They know, as well, that my email probably represents x number of people who disapprove of their decision, but can’t be bothered to email.

  4. Sean

    Darren, I had the misfortune of visiting the mall this past Saturday morning as my daughter needed some snow gear and there was a sale taking place that we simply couldn’t afford to pass up.


    How crowded was the mall? Let me ask this, have you ever seen salmon traveling upstream to spawn? Ever seen how they flip themselves upstream over obstacles? The crowd was so thick that it was impossible to walk through it.

    We *spawned* through it.

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