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Monday Report, Season Two

The Monday Report is the funniest thing on the CBC. That, admittedly, is not saying much, but it’s definitely 22 minutes of TV worth catching. Last night’s episode–the first of season two–would have been pretty ordinary, if not for Pierre Burton’s incredibly-hilarious celebrity tip. You can watch the video off the site’s front page, and videos from last year are here (don’t miss the Internet video piracy spoof–“I like a movie about a monkey that gets special powers and then has to play a sport. That’s the kind of movie I like.”).

2 Responses to “Monday Report, Season Two”

  1. Jak King

    Come on! “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” is so much funnier than “Monday Report” — this season OR last.

    Mercer has stolen all the things he liked about “22 Minutes” and added little else. It is more than derivative and I think it needs a good re-think from the top down (the wonderful Pierre Berton skit notwithstanding).

    Rick Mercer needs to get back to something like “Made In Canada” (in which he was superb) to regain any respect from me. I was particularly upset that, when I wrote to him at the end of last season complaining about the kniock-ff style of his show, I didn’t even get a curt acknowledgement.

  2. filmgoerjuan

    Wow, first Rita McNeil picking pot plants on Trailer Park Boys and now Pierre Burton on how to roll a joint…

    I love this country! ;)

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