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Track Your Money

Yesterday I withdrew some money and received this bill, which featured the URL The site (with its tacky, tacky ads), is dedicated to tracking Canadian currency. It’s a competitor, I suppose, to Where’s Willy, a site I wrote about last year (cousing of Where’s George).

I entered in this bill, and found that it had originally been ‘launched’ on June 5, 2004, in a taxi in Quesnel, BC.

UPDATE: What are the freakin’ odds of that? I received that $20 bill yesterday. When I bought a Slurpee today, I received a $5 bill with stamped on it. This bill was ‘launched’ a month ago in Burnaby.

Is the universe trying to tell me something? ‘Keep track of your money.’ Or, maybe, ‘you’ve got to spend money to make money.’

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  1. nelida

    I have a five dollar bill with the wwwwhereswillie address. I received it in North Sydney N.S.

  2. Marie-Eve

    J’ai reçu un billet de 5 $ avec ce site écrit dessus, je reste dans Charlevoix, Québec. Le 04 Mai 2010..

  3. Carole

    Received this $5.00 bill May 2010 serial # APY4793887 in Wpg. MB. Funny thing is that my 5 lb Yorkie is named “Willy”. Go figure !

  4. Karlie Farrow

    hey, my name is karlie farrow from leaf rapids and My friend gave me 20 bucks and it had wherewilly thingy on it so i thought it would be cool to see where this bill came from but .. it wourld be cool if specificaly each bill had a different number code on it to see where that specfic bill has been

  5. Karlie Farrow

    hey, my name is karlie farrow from leaf rapids and My friend gave me 20 bucks and it had wherewilly thingy on it so i thought it would be cool to see where this bill came from but .. it wourld be cool if specificaly each bill had a different number code on it to see where that specfic bill has been the code was ALL8462347

  6. Nancy

    I had a $5 dollar bill where is willy today.. New Brunswick

  7. pat suter

    I recieved a 20.00 bill from a bank of nova scotia machine in 100 mile house b.c. on may 22, 2010. We were attending a memoriaL service for Taya Grimes and put that 20.00 with other bills in an envelope for her grandparents. her grandpa’s name is Willy and was heading back home to Fort Nelson, B.C. today.

  8. sid

    May 31,2010 AOR5929055 Picked up at Tim Hortons in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. Couldn’t find any history from where its been. Maybe its just been released. Here from you soon?

  9. marissa

    i recieved $20.00 bill from a friend, and its still in my pocket for almost 3 months.

  10. Crystal&Chelsea

    we got this by having a garage sale in NIagara on the Lake, Ontairo Canada. :)

  11. Brenda

    Received a $10.00 bill from our yardsale on June 26/10. Serial # BTL3995230/
    It said, Track this bill’s journey!

    Oromocto, New Brunswick

  12. Rob

    i just got a Five yesterday at a Flaming Lips concert. in toronto .Never heard of this before. Then my girlfriend said i was stupid.

    I put a something special on it. It’s now going to esso up the street.

    Andrea Stuart Reply:

    I got this $10 bill with http://www.where‘s, track your bill on it at a Tim Horton’s in London on Clarke road. Didn’t write down the serial number but just passed it to my friend Tammy. Hope Tammy passes it on to someone else. Very cool!

  13. Sheila Pelly`

    I got a $5.00 bill where’swilly in NewBrunswick while I was passing thru at an Irving station.
    I live in Lincolnville Guysborough co. Nova Scotia

  14. jennifer e

    i have a $20.00 bill willys in windsor ontario ..passing it on…

  15. guy

    un billet de 10$ a Thetford mine au Québec,CANADA no série BFB4554908

  16. Jay S

    recieved this $20 dallor bill @ Liard Fuel Centre, Fort Liard, Northwest Territories

  17. sam f

    just receied a 5 dollar bill Burger King Yonge st Richmond Hill on. AAA4924240

  18. calinda

    i have got the 5 dollor bill at the lepreau, saint john,n.b on nov 12/2010 at 2:30 keep it going

  19. calinda

    i have got the 5 dollor bill AAF5452990 from the lepreau store,saint jonh,n.b on the nov12/2010 at 2:30pm keep it going

  20. jackie cluney

    I Recieved $20 bill from souris credit Union,Prince Edward Island,passing it on

  21. marielle brensrud

    got a 20.00 at my restaurant,Zalas, in Revelstoke, B.C. ELM4306620

  22. Jessica

    I have a $5 bill, recieved it from my mother who got it from one of her customers. Currently in Brantford, Ontario, bill # APW3990423. Nov.26, 2010…going to be recirculated tomorrow.

    Janise Reply:

    When shopping on Dec.2,2010, received a 10$ in Moncton , N.B. Canada, bill #BTR8815864

  23. Bill Robinson

    got this 5 dollar bill that is stamp.have it here in the great city of Moose Jaw Sask.

  24. Laura Siemens

    i have a 5 dollar bill with whereswilly on it :)

  25. Laura Siemens

    got it yesterday at pj’s restaurant in salmon arm bc

  26. Gracie colter

    Got it from my mom yesterday and i think it’s coolio that you can track your money

  27. Gracie colter

    oh and gust forgot to tell you guys where he/she is he/she is in fredericton,newbrunswick

  28. Terry

    Noticed this $5.00 bill (AAG6586518) with the address and I am in Kitchener, Ontario. Hope it’s a lucky number and will use it at a lottery booth.

  29. Lynda

    Got this bill doing errands today. Somewhere in Portage Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  30. mickey

    I got a 5 bucker on the BC ferry coming from gibson bc to horshoe bay APL 0402519 I will buy a partial beer with this as Beer is so Frikin expensive here see yu in the pub WILLY

  31. dan

    I got a 5 dollar bill APE5456377 Chateauguay QC. 16 April 2011.

  32. Ewa

    I got a 5 dollar bill AOS8346438, Calgary,SW – mac’s store.

  33. Sue

    I got a $5 bill APR0360819 last week from TD Bank – Rothesay, NB.

  34. brittany

    I found a 5$ bill at polo park winnipeg manitoba may29 2011

  35. johnathon Brooks

    received the $5 bill at a service station in winnipeg manitoba

    Wendell England Reply:

    Received whereswilly in our church offering on SunJune 5th 2011 #AAF5661050 at Full Gospel Chapel ,Chaplin Island Road NB It is a $5 dollar bill

  36. Katherine

    Received a $5 dollar bill with the hand written things on it. I didn’t realised what was that. It was few months ago. I kept the bill in my pocket all winter long. I found it back yesterday!
    Serial number: AAL4637485.
    I’m from Quebec city.
    Have a good trip, willy! ;o)

  37. guy reinhardt

    Many years ago I had in my possession 5 dollar bill # AOM6910805 wondering where it is now. It was originally spent in the Montreal area.

  38. percey


    Freda Reply:

    Received a where’s Willie $5 in change in St Thomas Ontario this week.

  39. wayne manuel

    received a $5.00 bill in Saint John N.B. yesterday number AAL3923640 marked trace this bills journey so it is in Saint john of June 24/2011

  40. Val

    received a $5.00 bill in The Pas, MB
    June 29, 2011 Bill number is AAD2983075

  41. paulette morningstra

    I live in Campbellford Ontario and I just received a whereswilly 5.00 bill AAC2347084

  42. flam

    i live in Barbados n just got a $5.00 canadian whereswillybill

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