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We Let in Light and We Banish Shade, Again

When I lived in Ireland, I was surprised by the intensive competition to the have the number one song over the Christmas holidays. I’m a little unclear on the origin of this, but each year the media watched and reported on the single charts in the month of December. The latest bid for the Christmas single is a rerecording of the (dare I say classic?) Band Aid song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

A spokesman for Coldplay said the band had been approached by [Midge, one of the original songwriters] Ure and were awaiting further development on the project. The Sun said rockers The Darkness and Scottish group Travis had also signed up to re-record the single and bookmakers immediately tipped the song as a favourite for the Christmas number one.

I guess it’ll raise money for charity, but I think the original has aged pretty well. Plus, the hair in the video rocks.

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  1. Darren

    One of the reasons the Christmas No1 one is so “big” over here is, that it is traditionally the biggest selling week of the year for singles, so it is quite competative between labels and artists.

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