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Worlds Collide on Degrassi

I don’t know about you, but I thought it was kind of surreal when they launched Degrassi: The Next Generation. There’s a nice synchronicity to some of the actors from the original show now appearing as adults, but it still weirded me out. Apparently the new show has something of a cult status.

Things just got weirder. Via BoingBoing, Jay and Silent Bob will be guest-starring for a three-episode story arc:

Smith had his own version of how he agreed to appear on the show. “My wife and I met Linda and (her husband and producing partner) Stephen at a key party in Vancouver. After some awkward pillow talk, I said, ‘So you’re involved in a Canadian melodrama?’ And she said, ‘Yes,’ and I said, ‘I’d love to do that kind of thing. My last movie (Jersey Girl, with Ben and J-Lo) bleep-tanked in the States, so I’m looking for work anyway.’ “

I’ve never actually watched an episode, but I may have to. After all, when Jay meets Joey Jeremiah, the universe may collapse.

No entry on Degrassi is complete without my admission that, in my early adolescence, I had a crush on Caitlin (Stacie MisTysyn). How could a young lad resist?

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  1. alexis

    The new Degrassi is actually really good. Well written, decent actors, interesting plots. I started watching when one of my American friends asked me to tape it for her and send it to her in the States. I felt like a bootlegger- it was great.

    I recently read an article about the demographic of watchers of the New Degrassi. It’s startling. There are a lot of American viewers, and it’s one of the hottest dramas for viewers between 18-30.

  2. Andrea

    I watched a few episodes during the first season, albeit with some embarassment. However, the show is well written and pretty believable. I found that they borrowed a lot of plot lines from the first series and that there were a lot of “in jokes” for long-time fans.

  3. heather

    funny, i had a degrassi moment on the weekend when my barrista at starbucks looked just like Joey.


    Attention Canadian TV Viewers

    Darren noted that Degrassis new show is a) kinda surreal to those of us who watched the “real” version back…

  5. timsamoff

    Man, I hope that gets played here in the States — I don’t know, maybe it already is being played and I don’t know about it… I LOVED Degrassi Jr. High/High. Too cool. :)

  6. Tracy

    timsamoff, it does play here in the states. If you have digital cable, you can catch it on Noggin/The-N.

    We are about 6 episodes behind Canadians and the N will be taking a break in November.

  7. enjoyment is critical

    over the top

    i am about to speak of two things i thought would never appear in the same post. one of which, i am a little ashamed to be blogging about at all, but word needs to be spread. i grew up…

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