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Yield Before My Flashy-Flashness

In my entire life, I’ve built exactly three things in Macromedia Flash. Happily, there’s no usually shortage of experts to turn to when you need the Flash magic. However, we’re organizing a non-profit blogging conference, so there’s no coin for expensive turtleneck-wearing, horn-rim glasses-wearing uber-designers. I built the following Flash banner for our kind sponsors and partners who are keen to spread the good Northern Voice mojo. To check it out, visit the Northern Voice site (for reasons too obscure to be worth discussing, it’s currently only rendering in IE).

4 Responses to “Yield Before My Flashy-Flashness”

  1. Andrea

    I can see it in IE, but it isn’t doing anything. Is it supposed to do something?

  2. Jeff Running

    It currently performs the actions so quickly that by the time I realized what it was doing it was done. You should add a long pause and then have it rerun. Otherwise, there’s not much value to having it in a flash format.

  3. filmgoerjuan

    I could see a static banner in Firefox. When I right-clicked it, the options for “Play” and “Loop” were unchecked. Could it be that your embed code isn’t set to autoplay?

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