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America at 10 MPH

In what can only be described as a ringing endorsement of the reliability of Dean Kamen’s invention, this nutter rode a Segue Segway (damn education) from Seattle to Boston in three months. Along the way, they made a documentary called ‘America at 10 MPH’. Here’s an article about his journey:

You definitely find all the different positions you can put your feet in. There’s not a lot of space in that 2-by-2-foot square, but you find ways to make it a little more comfortable. There are definitely some times when you’re out there late, and it’s getting cold, and you’d just like to hop off the thing and walk for a little bit.

They have a bunch of photos on their site, and some amusing anecdotes.

3 Responses to “America at 10 MPH”

  1. Jeff

    Darren have you ever had the opportunity to ride one of these things?

    Not sure if it’s still open, but we visited this little place down by the sea wall last summer that was renting them out by the minute.

    I’m sure the novelty would wear off if I actually owned one – but still, we had a blast.

  2. donna

    I rode one in May on a company excursion. It was a hoot.

    I’d never make it out of the city, though. Gah, that’s a long trip…
    (psst — segway, not segue) :)

  3. Jeff

    Donna did you get to use the RED key?

    I only had the yellow one – so there was no speeding.

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