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Blogging at a Grade 9 Level

Via Crof, here’s a readability analysis tool that assesses your website at the touch of a button. Here are the results for this site. Apparently I’m averaging 16.5 words per sentence, and am running at a shameful 32% passive setences. Improvements, I was thinking, will have to be made.

Unfortunately, their explanations of what all those numbers mean are pretty obtuse: “The Coleman-Liau Formula usually gives a lower grade than Kincaid, ARI and Flesch when applied to technical documents.”

9 Responses to “Blogging at a Grade 9 Level”

  1. Andrea

    Darren wrote: “am running at a shameful 32% passive setences. Improvements, I was thinking, will have to be made”


    Do note that the calculator doesn’t know how to deal with bulleted lists. It’s telling me I have 75 words in some sentences. It’s probably doing the same with your link round-ups.

  2. Crawford Kilian

    The link I really need is to…plus some tips on how to remember it! Thanks for the reminder, Derek.

  3. gill

    Here’s what I got when I submitted my blog:

    Error: your URL must begin with ‘http://’


  4. Rog

    Meh, automatic tools for readability and grammar are watering down the artistic merits of writing.

    Just my $0.02.

  5. NetChick

    Yikes. After reviewing the readability of my site, I now see that I need to put more effort into improving my grammar!

    I, too, had passive sentences in the 34% range.

  6. Andrea

    I don’t think automatic tools are to blame. When I was in journalism school 13 years ago, I had to learn how to calculate the Fog index by hand. I got my hands on an automated tool the next year and have forever been thankful for the extra time I now have!

  7. julie

    I submitted some writing and my passive writing score was 53% – whatever that means. I tried finding a few places to help explain it all but my google-fu evaded me. So I can’t tell you if my writing skills suck or not. *sigh* But i did find it interesting all of the various ways to analyze it. thx for the links

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