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Faces of Darren Poll Results

The people have reached a decision on which of my faces is least hideous. Here are the results after 152 votes:

Photo #1 – Frowny face close to the camera – 20%
Photo #2 – With hand at chin – 14%
Photo #3 – Really bright teeth – 41%
Photo #4 – Wearing suit, barely – 25%

Hardly definitive, but I’m happy enough to go with photo #3. I’ve put the four faces of Darren image after the jump, in case anybody wants to compare those results with the images.

3 Responses to “Faces of Darren Poll Results”

  1. Boris Mann

    What?! I think this is a case of electronic voting fraud! At least frowny face beat out chin man….

  2. 'nee

    I’m afraid that the child in me truly sees Chin Man as “Nose-Picking Man!”, a superhero for all of us.

  3. Rog

    Meh, just goes to prove that most people like boring and regular.

    Hand at Chin Man rules.

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