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Gone North

I’ve been meaning to reference my friend Joel’s weblog for a while. He and his girlfriend Sarah left Vancouver in September and moved up to Whitehorse. They’re writing about interesting stuff in their life near the Arctic Circle. For example, who knew that the premier of the Yukon was a former heroin dealer? Joel, I should mention, is the classic example of a non-geek who has seen the attraction of blogging.

5 Responses to “Gone North”

  1. Chris

    Man, I hated Whitehorse. I lived there for two years, and it was boring as hell. The next town of more than 1000 people was about 12 hours drive away.

    It’s a neat experience, reading outside in daylight even though it’s 2:00am, but that doesn’t make up for the severe suckage that is walking to school on December 15th when it’s 50 below and pitch dark.

    Perhaps the only good thing that came out of my time there is that I can now truthfully tell my kids “When I was your age, I had to walk to school in 50 below in the blackest of nights through billowing snow.”

  2. Johnny Nemo

    Hey! I lived in Whitehorse for about six years; I graduated from F.H. Collins; I lost my virginity to a girl who still lives there; I took my first acid trip there; a good friend of mine moved there and works for the City. I have many fond memories of the place.

    But I *am* glad I left. Whitehorse is a great place to visit; go the second week in February for the Sourdough Rendezvous, a celebratory re-enactment of the last great gold rush in world history, with much drinking.

  3. joel

    3 cheers for whitehorse!

    And we get a holiday in February yeah!

    cheers darren for the note! since your mention of us, blog traffic (blaffic? traffog? is there a geek word for that?! ;) ) has shot up threefold thanks to the comment contribution of a one mr. nemo.

    anyone here for rendevous, we’ve got a 2nd bedroom.

  4. Chris

    Hah, I went to Selkirk, then Riverside for a year. I left when I was 12, so no FH Collins for me, though I knew people I went there. A bit too young for losing my virginity / doing my first acid trip. The constant daylight (in the summer) would be great for acid though – that shit lasts forever.

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