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Highway Covered in Chocolate, Wonka Unavailable for Comment

Really, what’s more fun than an over-turned truck full of chocolate?

Around 5 Thursday evening, a tractor-trailer carrying 45-thousand pounds of milk chocolate rolled over on 390 in Groveland. The driver lost control after he swerved to avoid a deer. The cab remained on the overpass and the trailer landed upside down on railroad tracks below.

That text is verbatim, by the way. I don’t know why they write it as ’45-thousand’. The news story features a tiny, inscrutable photo. If anybody can make out what it is, let me know. Here’s a slightly-better photo.

3 Responses to “Highway Covered in Chocolate, Wonka Unavailable for Comment”

  1. Colleen

    Man, I wish I’d been on THAT clean up crew!!!!!!!

  2. bree

    They’ve probably posted the broadcast script with little to no change. They write numbers like 45-thousand to help broadcasters read the copy more smoothly. Another sign is the “5 Thursday evening” — if it was written for print or web initially it would have said 5 p.m.

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