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In the Shadow of JFK Reloaded

Slashdot, BoingBoing and everybody in-between is talking about JFK Reloaded, a US $9.99 video game that simulates, in striking detail, the JFK assassination. The emphasis is on designing an exacting simulation, to demonstrate that Oswald was a lone gunmen:

JFK Reloaded shows you a detailed view of every rifle-shot that you made, clarifying exactly where it hit the Presidential limo and its occupants, and noting specific entry and exit points. Thanks to a full model of the limousine and skeletal models of the occupants, the bullet will travel and ricochet in an entirely realistic manner.

Now they should open source the code, or release an API, so that developers can add other shooters into the game. Let’s put somebody on the grassy knoll, and see what kind of damage we can do from there.

Presumably this will spark an ethical debate (sickest joke on Slashdot: JFK Junior flight simulator game is a definite sequel option), but I’m not seeing it. Why is it acceptable to kill off untold millions of historical figures in other games (from Egyptians through Gulf War soldiers) but unacceptable to shoot at JFK and Jackie? Maybe it’s an issue of the computer simulacrums being able to shoot back? But then there’s all those hunting games (not to mention the real online ones). It’s not like the deer is crouched behind a log with an AK-47.

Why not simulate famous historical incidents? I have yet to hear experts comment on the exactitude of this simulation, but I might just have to give it a try.

UPDATE: If not JFK, why not Jesus? I can’t decide if this is good satire or weird reality. The former, I think.

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  1. Andrea

    Are there any games where you get to shoot at US figures? Countries tend to dehumanize their enemies, making it easier to shoot at them. This is part of the reason for the use of slurs in war time.

    Also, I’m told the point of the JFK simulation is to determine just how the assassination occurred. So are you shooting to kill or shooting to learn?

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