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Just Pay Whatever

As Engadget reports, Bell Mobility Canada is suffering some major billing problems. In the meantime, they’re asking their customers to pay, you know, whatever they think they owe:

Bell says it’s sorting things out, but that until the system is fixed, subscribers should pay only what they think they owe. Overpayments will be refunded, and interest will not be charged for late or underpayments

Bell Mobility uses a variation on the common ‘computer glitch’ excuse with the more extensive ‘computer overhaul’ excuse.

4 Responses to “Just Pay Whatever”

  1. Sue

    Yeah, I’ve only just received my bill from Bell for August. I haven’t had any huge bills (nothing out of proportion with my actual usage), but the fact that they’re so late seems a wee bit careless.

  2. Rog

    I finally got my bills from Bell Mobility. Three bills showed up at once.

  3. Justin

    What if you believe you don’t them a cent until they get their own mess straightened out, and stop blaming software for ‘glitches’ — as if the system reprogrammed itself one day because it felt rebellious.

    If I were a subscriber, I’d probably pay my usual fee, but this is what I might be thinking.

  4. Cheryl

    I didn’t pay a penny until I got a bill — I signed up in June which coincided with the start of the glitch. Saw the first bill mid-October, then hubby and I each got two bills at once, so four envelopes from Bell got jammed through our door one day.

    Nice to know there aren’t late penalties… maybe I can use that cash to go Christmas shopping now and pay in December…

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