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Nike and The End of the World

A while back, everyone was talking about a nifty, amusing Flash movie called The End of the World. I just watched it again, and googled around a little, but was unable to determine who created it.

Regardless, I was searching for a particular Nike ad (the remarkable-looking ‘Warm Up’–let me know if you find it), and happened upon this page on their site. Clearly it’s created by the same strangley-accented people. Did Nike find the original guy and hire him to make their piece (they’re very clever if they did)? Are both pieces just smart work by some advertising agency? It’s a mystery.

UPDATE: Ah, a little more googling reveals that apparently Nike found the 18-year-old kid who made “The End of the World” and hired him. That’s some strong work.

6 Responses to “Nike and The End of the World”

  1. Jon J

    Hmmm… It’s almost too similiar to not be made by the same guy. Notice the Xiu Xiu section in the third video as well?

  2. andrew

    “so take a nap…then fire the nukes!”

    that is so priceless, kudos to Nike for going with some original work…suddenly I feel the need to go buy a running jacket.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s the same guy, because I remember him saying something bad about Group X somewhere, who take credit for that movie – however, it wouldn’t suprise me if he did.

  4. MFH

    Did group X do this. I swear that they did, the guys voice is the same from all the different gags, mario twins, bang bang bang, too many guys, etc,, Did Nike ever actual get these guys to make an ad?? I heard rumors but have never seen an ad?? also you link just goes to a nike store page,

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