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Nutty Scottish Beverage Du Jour

Via some research Lindsay was doing, she happened upon this exciting new beverage for kids from Unibev, a UK beverage company: Boo Bee Juice. Are they serious?

Boo Bee is the great new drink with the built in straw. Packed in a 180ml pod with a built in straw tucked neatly into the side Boo Bee is sure to appeal to children’s thirst for novelty as well as being a refreshing and tasty drink in itself.

Boo Bee is available in four great flavours; Strawberry, Orange, Mixed Fruit and Pineapple and is sure to be a fast seller whether sold individually or as a six pack. Also containing real fruit juice these make the ideal treat for lunch boxes, playtime or hometime.

Surely they’re having us on. Remove the straw from the top of the drink and it evenly looks kind of nipply.

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  1. Lindsay

    Yep, and don’t forget the tagline on their website “There’s no other drink quite like it and it’s clear the children love it”
    Enough said.

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