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Quiz for Americans Heading North

As you know, left-leaning Americans are considering flocking north like so many red, white and blue caribou. While there’s an official Skilled Worker Self-Assessment test that enables would-be Canadians to assess their chances of getting, Slate offers a much more realistic test. Here are a couple of the questions:

  1. Have you recently shot someone?
  2. Are you covered in vast quantities of coarse, black fur?
  3. Are you bored to death of razor-thin margins between radical ideologues in every aspect of public life?

But seriously, if there are any Americans reading this site who want to come north to BC, feel free to drop me an email with questions.

8 Responses to “Quiz for Americans Heading North”

  1. donna

    dang. I’m not actually eligible to become a canadian. I only scored 62, and they require 67.

    Oh, if only I had more education, or if I spoke some french.

  2. Andrea

    For the Skilled Worker Test, if you want to get 67, it looks like you need a bachelors and four years of work experience, if you don’t have French, a skilled spouse, or a spouse who has studied in Canada. I got a score in the 80s (give or take, depending on how you rate my French), but that’s only because my husband and I both have graduate degrees, four years of work experience, moderate French, etc — I assumed no family, pre-arranged employment, or experience in Canada. Yikes. Most Canadians wouldn’t make it in.

  3. stefanio

    Excuse me, isn’t that a bit defeatist? Surely wouldn’t it be better for you all to stay in America and hopefully in 4yrs (when Bush retires), you may be able to get a party in of your own choice – it was quite close this time.

  4. Erik Aronesty

    This news is disheartening. Yes, American progressives have lost a major battle. ( It takes more intelligence to succeed when you play fair! But this is a war that we cannot afford lose. We can’t hand nuclear power over to a bunch of imbeciles.

    What we need is immigration in the *opposite* direction.

    We need enlightened teachers to flood southern states. We need schools of philosophy in Louisiana, yoga classes in Georgia, etc.

    And, IMHO, it will be a profitible experience for anyone willing to undertake the endeavor.

  5. Augie De Blieck Jr.

    I hit 67 exactly. Bachelor’s degree with more than four years of job experience.

    But I ain’t moving. I’m fine down here, although you have a lovely country up there. And if you don’t want to adopt the defeatist crybaby Americans as your own, I wouldn’t blame you. ;-)

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