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Scalable Rounded Edges

I sometimes do Web design. Not very well, mind you, but some of our clients need a page here or there. One design issue that has bedeviled me since I started is rounded corners (see, for example, the main box on this page). Web designers, I think, will immediately know what I’m talking about here. They look nice on the page, but they’re a pain to make and maintain. Alexander Christiaan Jacob has a good-looking CSS solution to this problem:

The little style sheet I wrote doesn’t require any markup changes, is pixel perfect in Moz and IE with the original when default values apply, and it scales smoothly in all direction (even the paddings co-operate). It also doesn’t require any markup changes.

Hallelujah, brother! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m optimistic.

2 Responses to “Scalable Rounded Edges”

  1. Sue

    His CSS solution may be elegant, but it’s damn annoying to not be able to scroll down with a scroll mouse OR find any scroll bars on his blog pages. Who on earth uses the ARROW keys when they’re web-surfing?

  2. donna

    Sue — I think that might just be you. I see plenty of scroll bars and have no problem with it in either Mozilla or IE…

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