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Some Celebs Stick With Blogging

Typically, when a musician or actor tries to keep a tour or ‘from the set’ diary online, it doesn’t last very long. They stop for the same reasons anybody does–they’re busy, they’re lazy or the online diary just doesn’t do it for them. I first read David Byrne and Zach Braff’s weblogs some months ago, and wondered about their longevity. I’m pleased to see that they’re still up and running. In particular, I admire Byrne’s honesty. Here he talks about nerves before giving a presentation at a gallery function:

I was really nervous. I sat with Hurwitz a bit before I went on, I was dressed in a black suit and tie so as to both blend in with the art collectors, museum directors and corporate CEOs and to play the part of the “expert” during my talk.
I was also worried because a man on my right, an author, had never heard of Power point. Maybe the CEO had underlings to do their Powerpoint and the artists in the room would never have had any contact with it, as I didn’t until a few years ago.

There are plenty of other exceptions, of course. The Cowboy Junkies have kept tour diaries online since 1999. And didn’t Sir Ian McKellen keep fairly extensive diaries from The Lord of the Rings? Regardless, he (or his letter-answering assistant) has infinite patience for stupid questions.

5 Responses to “Some Celebs Stick With Blogging”

  1. richard

    Byrne’s journal is quite good… I’ll likely never read it again without an RSS feed though, which is rather unfortunate. I’m bad with normal bookmarks – I bookmark things MEANING to go back, but KNOWING I never will.

  2. Declan

    Alas, Byrne has no comment section , so I can’t ask him what his favourite paintings are…

    (from ‘When you go out with artists’ by the Crash Test Dummies:

    “If I were David Byrne
    I’d go to galleries and not be too concerned
    Well I would have a cup of coffee
    And I’d find my surroundings quite amusing and
    People would ask me which were my favorite paintings”

  3. Derek

    Ra McGuire of ’70s Can-rock warhorses Trooper has kept an online journal for years now, even before the 2002 dates in his archives. Here’s a “road report” (basically a blog entry) from 1999.

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