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That Anti-War Music Sure Sells the DVDs

As Neil Young News (for all things Neil) reports (via MetaFilter), Michael Moore has directed a new version (Windows media stream) of Young’s anti-everything classic “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World”. Now, I’ve always really liked Neil Young’s music, and I think Michael Moore is an admirable and important filmmaker, but this smacks a little too much of commercialism.

Is it any surprise that the video features plenty of footage from Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, which was released on DVD last month? Maybe Neil’s got something to flog as well? What do you know, his Greatest Hits CD came out last week. Just as I’ve criticized companies in the past for exploiting Remembrance Day, I’ve got to question Young and Moore’s timing. While they’ve got an important political message, they’re also using images of war and suffering to sell their products. That’s pretty lousy from the guy who wrote “I won’t sing for nobody, it makes me look like a joke”.