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The Internet is So Weird Sometimes

How are we going to explain to our grandchildren what is was like to live without it? On Ask MetaFilter today, there were two pecularities. The worst concerned a traumatic event:

My cousin and his family were found dead yesterday. While he and I were not close in recent years because we’d lost touch, I feel deep sadness for what my aunt and uncle are going through. (I am still in touch with them.) This leaves me with two questions. What is the normal process of a homicide investigation?

Where, even five years ago, could you ask that question and get reasonable, free advice? The second incident involves a remarkable coincidence.

Several years ago (12+) I saw a poem in a magazine, but it wasn’t really “printed” in the magazine — it appeared on a computer screenshot as a companion graphic to the main article.

The writer goes on to describe where he thought it might be, and to make a guess at the poet’s name. Read the comment thread for the utter flukiness that the Internet enables.