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Tommy Douglas Named Greatest Canadian

A quick follow-up as I’ve discussed the contest on a few occasions. Last night the CBC announced, to no one’s suprise, that Tommy Douglas was named the Greatest Canadian. Terry Fox came second, with Trudeau third.

I attribute Douglas’s victory to two factors: an aggressive campaign by the NDP and CBC demographics. I can’t find the stats anymore, but the CBC was displaying voter choices by age group. The majority of people under 50 had Terry Fox first, while those over 50 chose Douglas.

It’s ironic that Fox, who never sought the limelight, is beaten by a politician whose party rallies support for him. My vote still goes to Fox, whose purity of purpose and action raises him above any politician.

11 Responses to “Tommy Douglas Named Greatest Canadian”

  1. donna

    huh. I just went and read up on him, but a few minutes ago I would have said… “Who?”

  2. Andrew

    I’m under 50 and my vote was with Douglas. He permanently changed the Canadian political landscape and certainly didn’t play ‘politics as usual’.

    But what I can’t figure out is Don Cherry and Gretzky in the top 10??

  3. Sue

    Couldn’t they have found a less GEEKY picture of Douglas? I mean, really. In this image-conscious society, look at what we have representing us as the Greatest Canadian.

    I think it’s a crying shame that Douglas was picked over Banting, Pearson or even Bell. I thought this contest was about the Canadian who has made the biggest impact on the WORLD, and I think Douglas’ accomplishments were pretty much reserved to Canadian politics. Bleah.

  4. Andrea

    I think Pearson made a far greater impact than Douglas, who only introduced Medicare to a small province. Pearson created the modern welfare state and had major influence on international affairs.

  5. Devon

    If I’d have cared enough to vote, Douglas would have had mine, too, and I’m under 50. :)

  6. harpoon

    I figure it was for the medicare thing. In the US, every 10 seconds someone goes bankrupt from debt due to medical bills. That alone would give Tommy my vote if I was the voting kind.

  7. does it matter

    I think tommy douglas is cool what am i saying i dont really care about any of this

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