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Video Games are the New Black

Video games, television and film have been converging for years, but here’s an unforeseen side effect. As Tagline reports, people are now discussing the ‘opening weekends’ of video games the way they talk about film debuts:

Launch weekend sales of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the UK grossed more than the biggest-ever opening weekend for a movie launch in the UK, it has emerged. Rockstar’s controversial PS2 title sold an estimated 677,000 copies on its first two days on sale, according to Chart-Track figures extrapolated from its 6500-strong retail panel. With the game commanding an average sale price of around £35.45, Chart-Track has placed the total revenue generated by retailers at just over £24 million, beating the UK’s biggest ever movie box office opening weekend of £23.88 million, set by Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban earlier this year.

Those are remarkable numbers for a video game. Combine this with the increasing emphasis on DVD sales, and cinemas are quickly becoming the poor boy of the entertainment industry. Of course, that’s not stopping them from suing people.