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2004 Weblog Awards

Mack writes to let me know that I’ve been nominated in the Best Canadian Blog category for the 2004 Weblog Awards. I’d say that, given the competition, I’m going to get (as the kids say) P0wn3d. Nonetheless, please do as the button says and go vote. Vote for me if you like, or if somebody else strikes your fancy, vote for me anyway.

Just kidding. I’d encourage you to vote a bunch of times, but the rules say that you can only vote once a day. Actually, the site offers a good number of quality weblogs, if you’re looking for some new ones to read. Presumably these folks are unaffiliated with the Bloggies.

5 Responses to “2004 Weblog Awards”

  1. Jeff

    I love your blog.

    Except lately. Lately it’s becoming, more and more, a blog ABOUT blogging.

    And I try to read it, and I just can’t. It bores me to tears. (Obviously this is just one opinion)

    It’s better, YOU are better, when you make it about other things.

    I miss the old…like, last months

    So go a day without posting about blogging, and you have my vote.

    Thanks Darren.

  2. Rick

    Well, my vote put you up to 4.5% I think you might need some more votes, but that’s just an uninformed opinion :)

  3. Olaf

    Not l33t, but not pwn3d either. We’ll try and keep you from being in the dead-last position (pwn3d).

  4. jo

    I’da been voting more but I’m just getting caught up after the weekend borkedness.

    I predict you’ll rise to new heights now that that’s over with; however, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to my predictions (based on my Greatest Canadian feelings!).

    BTW, One reason I like your blog is that is strikes a nice balance between social commentary and technical stuff.

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