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A Worrying Turn of Events

This morning I was looking at Lycos’s top 100 search terms for 2004, and I didn’t recognize three names in the top twenty-five: Nick Berg (#5), Michelle Vieth (#9) and Catherine Bosley (#23).

A quick search determined that Berg was the unfortunate freelance contractor who was beheaded by Iraqi insurgents. Catherine Bosley was a new anchor who famously joined in a wet t-shirt contest while on vacation. Vieth, as it turns out, is a D-level actor and the latest distributor of her own amateur sex tape (Paris Hilton, in all her lime-green glory, held on to the #2 spot). I clearly need to read the newspaper more thoroughly.

It’s no surprise, but still slightly demoralizing that the top twenty-five searches include 9 celebrities, 3 diets and the WWE. Is this really how we want to spend our time?

The most surprising entries? IRS (#27), Green Tea & Weight Loss (#30), Apollo 11 (#41) and, most oddly, Abraham Lincoln (#52). Lycos is clearly at the back of the pack in terms of search engines, but I’ve always enjoyed the analysis they do as part of the Lycos Top 50.

3 Responses to “A Worrying Turn of Events”

  1. Derek

    The green tea/weight loss thing is not so mysterious: it was featured on Oprah.

    2004 was the 35th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, so that might be a reason there. Abe Lincoln? Not sure about that one.

  2. Richard

    On the Lycos page it says “These rankings reflect all terms entered into the Lycos search engine by users between January 1 and November 27, 2004.”

    All terms except, of course, the word “sex”, which is, always has been, and always will be the real #1 searched term.

  3. Andrea

    I think the popularity of “Lincoln” has to do with the upcoming bicentennial birthday celebration for the former president.

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