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InsideBlogging logoI
managed to go the last two days without blogging about blogging. However, I’ve
accrued a few blog-related points that require posting:

  • On Monday, my
    auction for blogging services
    finished. The price sat at US $685 for a
    few days, but there was a flurry of bidding in the final hours to bring the
    total up to US $2,025.00. Not quite Jeremy’s
    US $3,350
    , but he came up with the idea, so he deserves more. I’ll be
    announcing the winner and related stuff soon. Interestingly, eBay put the
    kibosh on future blogging auctions. Their rules apparently state that eBay
    is strictly for physical objects–you’re not allowed to flog services.
  • Thanks to the excellent services of DesignOutpost,
    a kind of auction for design services, we’ve got a logo for Jeremy and I’s
    new blog consultancy (we should have a proper site next week).
    You can actually see the evolution of the logo and other options here
    and see a larger version after the jump. We’re also pleased
    to announce
    our first staff blogger–Tris
  • I continue to sit in 6th place for the
    2004 Weblog Awards
    , with a staggering 4.6% of the popular vote. I’m sure
    the folks at Eclectic
    are nice people, but I want to boot them out of the 5th spot. I
    figure that’ll only take about 60 votes. So, you know, go
    vote, please
  • On a related note, I was browsing around some of the other
    Weblog Awards categories
    , and was struck by how many of the leading blogs
    were political in nature (Canada being an exception). Maybe that’s just a
    symptom of the recent American election. Alternately, the lesson may be that
    the way to build traffic is to pick a side and get political.

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  1. Martin

    I have to agree with Mack that the new logo looks something like a broken egg. Kinda like the way the yolk goes when you break it when frying the thing. Just my opinion. And by the way, the people over at EclecticBlogs (who are still ahead of you) are really nice people. Oh yes, I also agree with you that there are way to many political blogs out there. You kind of get tired of the same stuff being said by 10,000 people.

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