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Dating Woes (or Dating, Whoa)

Tonight I had dinner by myself at a neighbourhood sushi restaurant. I sat in close proximity to a mid-twenties couple on their first date. I had misgivings about the guy from the get-go. He was wearing jeans and a sports jersey, and had brought his rottweiler along. The dog was tied up outside, suspiciously eyeing the patrons as they slinked by.

In the 40-odd minutes I sat next to this couple, the guy never asked the woman a single question about herself. He talked about his job, his dog, his friends and his snowboarding follies. He even took a 5-minute phone call on his mobile phone. If the woman had gotten up to go to the bathroom, I was going to lean over (thinking vaguely of this movie) and impart this wisdom from American Pie:

All that you got to do is just ask them questions and listen to what they have to say and shit.

Maybe I was put in this frame of mind by Tanya, who describes her ambitious plan to re-enter the dating scene. I’ve met Tanya, and she’s a lovely woman, so, though its worth approaches zero, she has my endorsement.

4 Responses to “Dating Woes (or Dating, Whoa)”

  1. Declan

    “All you got to do is just ask them questions and listen to what they have to say and shit”

    I dunno man, that sounds like a lot of work…

  2. donna

    wait a sec… but then wouldn’t she be doing all the talking, and he’d be sitting there bored?

    I never liked the advice of “ask them questions, and don’t talk about yourself” because only one person in a pair can actually follow that advice.

    Maybe that was her ploy. :)

  3. alexis

    I know some people knock it, but man, I love American Pie. It’s such a smart movie.

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