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First Person Reports from Asia

This morning I’ve been seeing photos and reading accounts of the terrible earthquake
that hit Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand and others. The death toll is
up to 23,000 people. Here’s a round-up of what I’ve found (mostly through Scoble,
BoingBoing, WorldChanging
and Waxy):

That last link demonstrates how the Beeb gets citizen-journalism. For at least the past 24 hours, the BBC has had a link that reads "Your
experiences: Asian disaster"
on their
news front page
. You enter in your experience in a form and click Send.
They vet your submission, and if they approve, post it to the page. It’s essentially
a temporary, de facto weblog for BBC readers to post their stories.

The Command Post offers a
good clearinghouse
of organizations accepting donations for disaster relief. You can also check out the Tsunami Help blog (thanks, Jim).

UPDATE #2: Waxy is hosting some harrowing amateur footage of the disaster.