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Gross Photo of the Week

I was reading a question on Ask MetaFilter this morning: “Ladies, you find yourself in a guys apartment. What do you look for, notice, or pay special attention to?” Best answer: “A crack pipe. Lots of pr0n. A completely filthy bathroom. Weird pets.”

That reminded of this incredibly gross photo I recently happened upon. Now, I’ve got four or five Coke cans by my desk, but this is ridiculous. I imagine a family of rats making extensive burrows between Coke bottles.

9 Responses to “Gross Photo of the Week”

  1. Todd

    Family of rats? I be there’s a colony of Morlocks living in that heap. The only thing more disgusting is what that shit must be doing to the person’s insides. Blech.

  2. Rog

    Hey, get your camera out of my place! Oh wait, no I don’t drink caffinated beverages anymore. OOopsie.

  3. 'nee

    I totally dig the Hulk curtains, thought. That guy’s not just a slob, he’s a NERDY slob!

  4. Anonymous

    At least he has a comb to keep his hair in order.

  5. NetChick

    Holy crap. That’s truly disgusting. That link should come with a warning dialogue box, IMO.


  6. Ross Thomas

    Interesting responses on Ask MetaFilter. It seems that cleanliness is a big issue, damnit. But just because a guy (say, ooh, me) has on his desk:

    – Two empty Tim Horton’s cups and an empty bag
    – An empty Starbucks cup
    – An empty ginger ale bottle
    – Two mugs
    – An empty gum packet
    – 15 AA batteries
    – A digital camera
    – Two photo frames, facing each other
    – A Snickers wrapper
    – A broken cigar lighter
    – An instruction manual for something I don’t even remember buying
    – 12 books, one of which is work-related

    That doesn’t make him bad or, God forbid, filthy! It makes him endearingly aloof of material concerns. Right? Ladies?

    Also interesting to see is the incredible number of respondents who list visible books as something they notice. I’m cheered by that, because a) I have a lot of books and b) that’s something I’d look for, too. Who doesn’t read?

    This comment is very emphatic.

  7. jo

    I once worked with a fellow who’s office looked very similar. He seemed to take great pride in this.

    Perhaps the pride was just at this display of his power over management – ie they did not insist he clean up his mess!

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